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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Communities and developments are peppered throughout Pike and Wayne Counties numbering over two hundred. It is almost impossible to look for a home in these counties without having to consider being a part of a community and a member of a Homeowners Association (HOA). 

There are many  advantages and disadvantages to weigh before you make a decision one way or another. For example, certain communities are gated and have 24 security. This is appealing to many as it offers a sense of safety.  Others like the amenities which are often available. From skiing and golfing to boating and fishing, communities offer a wide range of things to do.  Some have indoor and outdoor pools, clubhouses, teen centers, beaches, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, gyms and more. In addition, there may be very active clubs and on going 

activities in which members can participate.  In a more practical sense, some communities offer community water and sewage disposal. This is a huge relief for those not wanting a well or septic system for which they will have to maintain or replace if there is a problem.  Road maintenance is yet another responsibility of the community. As a private enterprise, road maintenance and plowing are not done by the town, county or state, but rather by community.  A large part of community dues goes toward this.

This brings us to one of the things many dislike about communities…dues! Yes, all of the amenities and benefits are at a cost and this cost is shared by the members of the HOA.  Typically, the more amenities and the larger the community, the higher the dues.  Dues can run from a few hundred to a few thousand each year with the possibility of increases.  Dues, added to taxes, insurance and mortgage payments are sometimes enough to deter certain buyers from buying a home in a community.

Another deterrent are rules and regulations that are set by the HOA. In an effort to maintain certain standards, HOAs tend to restrict things which may be allowed outside of the community.  Cutting down trees on your property,  letting your dog go unleashed, permanent parking of commercial vehicles and RVs, renting, using your home as an airbnb or even things like hanging a clothes lines or putting up a  For Sale signs may not be allowed in many communities. It is important to know the rules and regulations and make sure you are a good fit.  For this reason, the seller is obligated to provide you with a resale packet, which included these rules and regulations after you have a signed contract.  

Remember that no two communities are alike. It is import to drive through different communities with your realtor to see them first hand. Remember that while some communities have lots of amenities and ongoing activities, others are  simply small developments where road maintenance is the only thing they share. 

Is This A Good Community?

Although alike in many ways, each community is different and unique. As a realtor, I am frequently asked “Is this a ‘good’ community?’  and as a realtor, this is a question I cannot answer.  For one reason, ‘good’ is a subjective term. I have worked with people who only want to look for homes in specific communities that others have asked to avoid. More importantly, it is against the law. The Fair Housing Act prohibits real estate licensees from ‘steering’.

‘Steering,’ under the Fair Housing Act, is influencing a buyer’s choice of communities based upon race, color, religion, gender, disability, familial status, or national origin. It’s illegal because it limits the housing opportunities available to that buyer.  It is also a violation of the the REALTORS® Code of Ethics.  If you have questions about the demographics, crime rate etc.  go to ‘Explore the Area‘  and select the county of interest.  There  are lots of helpful links included in that section.  Additionally, I always encourage people to go to local establishments and asked the food servers, store owners, or clerks what they think about the various communities. They can tell you and are usually quite willing to share their knowledge of the area

Statistics and Tables
  • 192 Residential Developments containing 15 lots or more
  • 33 Residential Developments contain 200 lots or more
  • 22 Residential Developments contain 500 lots or more
  • 15 Developments contain 1,000 lots or more
  • 53,248 Total Acres in the Residential Developments mapped
  • 49,381 Parcels contained in the 192 Developments
  • Of those 49,381 Parcels, 25,928 (53%) are Developed
  • 75 Developments (39%) offer Recreational Facilities
  • 65 Developments (34%) contain Open Space or Green Area
  • Central Water – 25 Developments (13%)
  • Community Wells – 33 Developments (17%)
  • Individual On-Lot Wells – 134 Developments (70%)
  • Central Sewage – 8 Developments (4%)
  • Community System – 4 Developments (2%)
  • Individual On-Lot System – 180 Developments (94%)
  • Blooming Grove – 9 Developments
  • Delaware – 16 Developments
  • Dingman – 29 Developments
  • Greene – 30 Developments
  • Lackawaxen – 28 Developments
  • Lehman – 11 Developments
  • Milford Township – 7 Developments
  • Palmyra – 47 Developments
  • Porter – 5 Developments
  • Shohola- 18 Developments
  • Westfall – 6 Developments
Pike County Developments
by Size




Total Lots

Developed Lots

Total Lots
Developed Lots
A. Miller DevelopmentDingman131613
Al’s AcresPalmyra676354
Ann & Howell DevelopmentPalmyra195333
ArcadiaMilford Twp   
Beechwood CovePalmyra264122
Between the LakesShohola833829
Big WoodsPalmyra3310170
Birchwood LakesDingman9382600866
Bloss EstatesGreene99227
Blue Heron LakePorter4117250
Blue Heron WoodsBlooming Grove Lackawaxen Palmyra5901511
Bluestone RidgeDingman683123
Buena Vista EstatesGreene492010
Cabin RidgeLackawaxen125168
Camelot ForestBlooming Grove9512890
Canal AcreaLackawaxen393412
Catchall LandingLackawaxen795633
Claude Seeley DevelopmentPalmyra41814
Cold HillGreene561810
Colony CovePalmyra1433938
Conashaugh LakesDingman1675914511
Country Club WoodsDingman987670
Coutts Bros. DevelopmentPalmyra123016
Cranberry RidgeDingman2033930
Crescent LakesDingman1659070
Crooked OaksDingman592927
Delaware Crest PreserveDelaware221512
Dirk DevelopmentPalmyra456133
Earl Ness DevelopmentPorter1336150
Earl Unger DevelopmentPalmyra41513
East CoveShohola71712
East Cove WoodsShohola403927
Eilenberger DevelopmentPorter726761
Emery DevelopmentMilford Twp301815
Evergreen ParkShohola602812
Fairview LakePalmyra242821
Fawn HillGreene503117
Fawn Lake ForestLackawaxen19132017745
Fieldstone RidgeWestfall522221
Foxcroft WoodsDingman632523
Fred Kuhn DevelopmentLackawaxen212718
Friendly AcresLackawaxen22111877
Game RidgeGreene43209
Glass House HillWestfall884739
Glen at TamimentLehman365456400
Gold Key LakesMilford Twp14222025985
Grant Wilson DevelopmentGreene594218
Greenwood HillsMilford Twp683833
Happy HollowShohola1308673
Hemlock FarmsBlooming Grove/Porter/Dingman447137173150
Hemlock GrovePalmyra4712069
Hemlock PointPalmyra419368
Hickory AcresLackawaxen111514
Hickory HillsMilford Twp765647
Highland AcresDelaware797237
Hinkle Estates/Walker LakesShohola1915837
Hitching PostBlooming Grove223837
Holbert DevelopmentLackawaxen72015
Huggy BearLackawaxen34915647
Hunter’s RidgeLackawaxen1164223
Illigasch DevelopmentPalmyra83021
Indian TrailsDingman2058354
Keystone ParkMilford Twp/Westfall497663
L Ansley DevPalmyra103838
L Simons DevPalmyra676447
Lake AdventureDingman3961794RV Park
Lake in the CloudGreene341267129
Lake JamieGreene1845048
Lake KemadobiDelaware769027
Lake TeedyuskungLackawaxen2328776
Lake Wallenpaupack EstatesGreene24950698
Lake WenonahPalmyra622114
Lakeville AcresPalmyra397349
Laurel HillsDingman564437
Laurel Lane DevelopmentPalmyra/Greene152160135
Laurel RidgeLackawaxen40179
Lenape VillagePalmyra121715
LogTavern LakeDingman4467562
Long Pine AcresLackawaxen301612
Maple ParkShohola517743
Maplewood EstatesLackawaxen358739
Marcel Lake EstatesDelaware6111038374
Masthope RapidsLackawaxen223322291188
Meadow Ridge AcresDelaware814133
Meadow View AcresDingman622624
Mel-Chris WoodsBlooming Grove1736028
Milford LandingWestfall  158
Mount HavenDingman442012
Mountain ShadowsLehman/Delaware1282716
Mountain View EstatesGreene63198
Mountain View EstatesLackawaxen411613
Nitche’s PondDingman753823
Oak HillPalmyra4621815
Oak Ridge CrossingDingman755548
Old Marcel LakesDelaware9212885
Old Mill EstatesDingman4034332
Otter SpringsPalmyra3494542
PA LakeshoresShohola347965196
Panther HillsGreene39297
Panther LakeGreene15116562
Paupack GardensPalmyra314646
Pederson DevDingman105704
Penn Wood DevPalmyra12110695
Pine AcresMilford Twp183529
Pine HillGreene733920
Pine RidgeLehman101115631065
Pocono AcresDelaware1034842
Pocono Mountain Lake EstatesLehman13831865653
Pocono Mountain Lake Estates, Sec 5ALehman19732655
Pocono Mountain Lake ForestDelaware1011946337
Pocono Mountain Water ForestDelaware/Dingman770479332
Pocono Mountain Woodlands LakesDingman281116731188
Pocono Mountian Lake Estates, Sec 5 – 7Delaware/Lehman645514158
Pocono RanchlandLehman17621735716
Preston Flury DevelopmentPalmyra177765
R Perry DevelopmentPalmyra175834
R TragusPalmyra172522
Rhoades DevelopmentGreene9411165
Rinehimer DevelopmentGreene47195151
River’s Edge (Sr. Community)Westfall   
Riverside EstatesWestfall1184630
Riverview AcresLackawaxen46410523
Robert Wilson DevelopmentGreene67253206
Rocky AcresGreene2728750
Roland AcresLackawaxen145185
Rose DevelopmentGreene324527
Rustic AcresLehman171203170
Sagamore EstatesShohola258325180
Sand Spring AcresGreene/Palmyra332621
Saw Creek EstatesLehman204028332202
Sawkill CrossingDingman781611
Sawkill RunMilford Twp712422
School House RidgeMilford Twp1093329
Shepherds DevelopmentDelaware347466
Shohola AcresShohola522617
Shohola HeightsShohola1114026
Shohola Lake FarmDingman68199
Skytop RanchesBlooming Grove1853830
Skyview LakeGreene447497187
Spinnlers PointPalmyra68157120
Split RockGreene992013
Spring Brook EstatesDingman812723
Spurce Run CreekPorter1274542
St. Vincents PointLackawaxen602115
Steiner DevelopmentPalmyra/Blooming Grove111917
Stone Hedge FarmsDingman502422
Stony Hollow VillageLehman205166112
Sugar HillGreene40219673
Sugar Hill ForestGreene52178
Sunrise LakesDingman3085975760
Sunset AcresLehman413620
Sunset AcresPalmyra251610
Sunset PointPalmyra237466
Symphony WestShohola1122110
Tafton HeightsPalmyra231717
Tafton ViewPalmyra639651
Tanglwood LakesPalmyra9151036649
Tanglwood Lakes NorthPalmyra/Blooming Grove751730296
The EscapePalmyra/Greene231494406
The Farm PorpertiesLackawaxen1011610
Ting Wig Mt Lake EstatesLackawaxen1648826302
Top of the MountainGreene1645947
Traces of LattimoreDelaware4808465
Trails EndShohola3851850RV Park
Tranquility FallsGreene12812557
Tuscorora DevelopmentLackawaxen995617
Twin Lake ParkShohola1565043
Twin Lake PreserveShohola352420
Twin Lake WoodsShohola6646648
Valley ViewWestfall691814
Walker LakeShohola297205134
Welcome LakeLackawaxen516524
Westcolang ParkLackawaxen868017
Whispering PinesPalmyra1033728
White Birch RunBlooming Grove852612
White Sands BeachPalmyra584530
Whitetail RidgeGreene1422316
Wild AcresDelaware175921101249
William Soose DevelopmentPalmyra113020
Wilson Hill DevelopmentPalmyra7615488
Winding BrookDingman943129
Woodland MeadowsGreene1073730
Woodledge VillageLackawaxen22629153
Woodlock PinesLackawaxen365402387
Zimmerman PinesPalmyra201713


Pike County Communities and Corresponding School Sending Districts
Pike County Communities and Water Supply and Sewage Disposal methods
(iOL = individual on Lot)






A. Miller DevelopmentDelaware Valley
Al’s AcresWallenpaupack
Ann & Howell DevelopmentWallenpaupack
ArcadiaDelaware Valley
AutenDelaware Valley
Beechwood CoveWallenpaupack
Between the LakesDelaware Valley
Big WoodsWallenpaupack
Birchwood LakesDelaware Valley
Bloss EstatesWallenpaupack
Blue Heron LakeEast Stroudburg
Blue Heron WoodsWallenpaupack
Bluestone RidgeDelaware Valley
BrandtwoodDelaware Valley
Buena Vista EstatesWallenpaupack
Cabin RidgeWallenpaupack
Camelot ForestWallenpaupack
Canal AcreaWallenpaupack
Catchall LandingWallenpaupack
Claude Seeley DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Cold HillWallenpaupack
Colony CoveWallenpaupack
Conashaugh LakesDelaware Valley
Country Club WoodsDelaware Valley
Coutts Bros. DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Cranberry RidgeDelaware Valley
Crescent LakesDelaware Valley
Crooked OaksDelaware Valley
Delaware Crest PreserveDelaware Valley
Dirk DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Earl Ness DevelopmentEast Stroudburg
Earl Unger DevelopmentWallenpaupack
East CoveDelaware Valley
East Cove WoodsDelaware Valley
Eilenberger DevelopmentEast Stroudburg
Emery DevelopmentDelaware Valley
Evergreen ParkDelaware Valley
Fairview LakeWallenpaupack
FarmsteadDelaware Valley
Fawn HillWallenpaupack
Fawn Lake ForestWallenpaupack
Fieldstone RidgeDelaware Valley
Foxcroft WoodsDelaware Valley
Fred Kuhn DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Friendly AcresWallenpaupack
Game RidgeWallenpaupack
Glass House HillDelaware Valley
Glen at TamimentEast Stroudburg
Gold Key LakesDelaware Valley
Grant Wilson DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Greenwood HillsDelaware Valley
Happy HollowDelaware Valley
Hemlock FarmsWallenpaupack
Hemlock GroveWallenpaupack
Hemlock PointWallenpaupack
Hickory AcresWallenpaupack
Hickory HillsDelaware Valley
Highland AcresDelaware Valley
Hinkle Estates/Walker LakesDelaware Valley
Hitching PostWallenpaupack
Holbert DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Huggy BearWallenpaupack
Hunter’s RidgeWallenpaupack
Illigasch DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Indian TrailsDelaware Valley
Keystone ParkDelaware Valley
L Ansley DevWallenpaupack
L Simons DevWallenpaupack
Lake AdventureDelaware Valley
Lake in the CloudWallenpaupack
Lake JamieWallenpaupack
Lake KemadobiDelaware Valley
Lake TeedyuskungWallenpaupack
Lake Wallenpaupack EstatesWallenpaupack
Lake WenonahWallenpaupack
Lakeville AcresWallenpaupack
Laurel HillsDelaware Valley
Laurel Lane DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Laurel RidgeWallenpaupack
Lenape VillageWallenpaupack
LogTavern LakeDelaware Valley
Long Pine AcresWallenpaupack
Maple ParkDelaware Valley
Maplewood EstatesWallenpaupack
Marcel Lake EstatesDelaware Valley
Masthope RapidsWallenpaupack
Meadow Ridge AcresDelaware Valley
Meadow View AcresDelaware Valley
Mel-Chris WoodsWallenpaupack
Milford LandingDelaware Valley
Mount HavenDelaware Valley
Mountain ShadowsEast Stroudburg
Mountain View EstatesWallenpaupack
Mountain View EstatesWallenpaupack
Nitche’s PondDelaware Valley
Oak HillWallenpaupack
Oak Ridge CrossingDelaware Valley
Old Marcel LakesDelaware Valley
Old Mill EstatesDelaware Valley
Otter SpringsWallenpaupack
PA LakeshoresDelaware Valley
Panther HillsWallenpaupack
Panther LakeWallenpaupack
Paupack GardensWallenpaupack
Pederson DevDelaware Valley
Penn Wood DevWallenpaupack
Pine AcresDelaware Valley
Pine HillWallenpaupack
Pine RidgeEast Stroudburg
Pocono AcresDelaware Valley
Pocono Mountain Lake EstatesEast Stroudburg
Pocono Mountain Lake Estates, Sec 5AEast Stroudburg
Pocono Mountain Lake ForestDelaware Valley
Pocono Mountain Water ForestDelaware Valley
Pocono Mountain Woodlands LakesDelaware Valley
Pocono Mountian Lake Estates, Sec 5 – 7Delaware Valley
Pocono RanchlandEast Stroudburg
Preston Flury DevelopmentWallenpaupack
R Perry DevelopmentWallenpaupack
R TragusWallenpaupack
Rhoades DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Rinehimer DevelopmentWallenpaupack
River’s EdgeDelaware Valley
Riverside EstatesDelaware Valley
Riverview AcresWallenpaupack
Robert Wilson DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Rocky AcresWallenpaupack
Roland AcresWallenpaupack
Rose DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Rustic AcresEast Stroudburg
Sagamore EstatesDelaware Valley
Sand Spring AcresWallenpaupack
Saw Creek EstatesEast Stroudburg
Sawkill CrossingDelaware Valley
Sawkill RunDelaware Valley
School House RidgeDelaware Valley
Shepherds DevelopmentDelaware Valley
Shohola AcresDelaware Valley
Shohola HeightsDelaware Valley
Shohola Lake FarmDelaware Valley
Skytop RanchesWallenpaupack
Skyview LakeWallenpaupack
Spinnlers PointWallenpaupack
Split RockWallenpaupack
Spring Brook EstatesDelaware Valley
Spurce Run CreekEast Stroudburg
St. Vincents PointWallenpaupack
Steiner DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Stone Hedge FarmsDelaware Valley
Stony Hollow VillageEast Stroudburg
Sugar HillWallenpaupack
Sugar Hill ForestWallenpaupack
Sunrise LakesDelaware Valley
Sunset AcresEast Stroudburg
Sunset AcresWallenpaupack
Sunset PointWallenpaupack
Symphony WestDelaware Valley
Tafton HeightsWallenpaupack
Tafton ViewWallenpaupack
Tanglwood LakesWallenpaupack
Tanglwood Lakes NorthWallenpaupack
The EscapeWallenpaupack
The Farm PorpertiesWallenpaupack
Ting Wig Mt Lake EstatesWallenpaupack
Top of the MountainWallenpaupack
Traces of LattimoreDelaware Valley
Trails EndDelaware Valley
Tranquility FallsWallenpaupack
Tuscorora DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Twin Lake ParkDelaware Valley
Twin Lake PreserveDelaware Valley
Twin Lake WoodsDelaware Valley
Valley ViewDelaware Valley
Walker LakeDelaware Valley
Welcome LakeWallenpaupack
Westcolang ParkWallenpaupack
Whispering PinesWallenpaupack
White Birch RunWallenpaupack
White PinesWallenpaupack
White Sands BeachWallenpaupack
Whitetail RidgeWallenpaupack
Wild AcresDelaware Valley
William Soose DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Wilson Hill DevelopmentWallenpaupack
Winding BrookDelaware Valley
Woodland MeadowsWallenpaupack
Woodledge VillageWallenpaupack
Woodlock PinesWallenpaupack
Zimmerman PinesWallenpaupack
A. Miller DevelopmentIOLIOL
Al’s AcresCommunityIOL
Ann & Howell DevelopmentCommunityIOL
Beechwood CoveIOLIOL
Between the LakesIOLIOL
Birchwood LakesIOLIOL
Bloss EstatesIOLIOL
Blue Heron LakeIOLIOL
Blue Heron WoodsIOLIOL
Bluestone RidgeIOLIOL
Buena Vista EstatesIOLIOL
Cabin RidgeIOLIOL
Camelot ForestIOLIOL
Canal AcreaCentralIOL
Catchall LandingIOLIOL
Claude Seeley DevelopmentCommunityIOL
Colony CoveCommunityIOL
Conashaugh LakesIOLIOL
Country Club WoodsIOLIOL
Coutts Bros. DevelopmentCommunityIOL
Cranberry RidgeIOLIOL
Crescent LakesCommunityIOL
Crooked OaksIOLIOL
Delaware Crest PreserveIOLIOL
Dirk DevelopmentIOLIOL
Earl Ness DevelopmentIOLIOL
Earl Unger DevelopmentCommunityIOL
East Cove WoodsCommunityIOL
Eilenberger DevelopmentIOLIOL
Emery DevelopmentIOLIOL
Evergreen ParkCommunityIOL
Fairview LakeIOLIOL
Fawn Lake ForestCentralIOL
Fieldstone RidgeIOLIOL
Foxcroft WoodsIOLIOL
Fred Kuhn DevelopmentIOLIOL
Friendly AcresIOLIOL
Game RidgeIOLIOL
Glass House HillIOLIOL
Glen at TamimentCentralCentral
Gold Key LakesIOLIOL
Grant Wilson DevelopmentIOLIOL
Greenwood HillsIOLIOL
Happy HollowCommunityIOL
Hemlock FarmsCentralIOL
Hemlock GroveIOLIOL
Hemlock PointCentralIOL
Hickory AcresIOLIOL
Hickory HillsIOLIOL
Highland AcresCommunityIOL
Hinkle Estates/Walker LakesCommunityIOL
Hitching PostCentralCommunity
Holbert DevelopmentIOLIOL
Huggy BearIOLIOL
Hunter’s RidgeIOLIOL
Illigasch DevelopmentIOLIOL
Indian TrailsIOLIOL
Keystone ParkIOLIOL
L Ansley DevIOLIOL
L Simons DevIOLIOL
Lake AdventureCentralCentral
Lake in the CloudIOLIOL
Lake JamieIOLIOL
Lake KemadobiIOLIOL
Lake TeedyuskungCommunityCommunity
Lake Wallenpaupack EstatesCommunityIOL
Lake WenonahIOLIOL
Lakeville AcresCommunityIOL
Laurel HillsIOLIOL
Laurel Lane DevelopmentCommunityIOL
Laurel RidgeIOLIOL
Lenape VillageIOLIOL
LogTavern LakeIOLIOL
Long Pine AcresCentralIOL
Maple ParkIOLIOL
Maplewood EstatesIOLIOL
Marcel Lake EstatesCentralCentral
Masthope RapidsCentralCentral
Meadow Ridge AcresIOLIOL
Meadow View AcresIOLIOL
Mel-Chris WoodsIOLIOL
Milford LandingCentralCentral
Mount HavenIOLIOL
Mountain ShadowsIOLIOL
Mountain View EstatesIOLIOL
Mountain View EstatesIOLIOL
Nitche’s PondIOLIOL
Oak Ridge CrossingIOLIOL
Old Marcel LakesIOLIOL
Old Mill EstatesIOLIOL
Otter SpringsCommunityIOL
PA LakeshoresIOLIOL
Panther HillsIOLIOL
Panther LakeIOLIOL
Paupack GardensCentralIOL
Pederson DevIOLIOL
Penn Wood DevCommunityIOL
Pine AcresIOLIOL
Pine RidgeCentralIOL
Pocono AcresIOLIOL
Pocono Mountain Lake EstatesIOLIOL
Pocono Mountain Lake Estates, Sec 5ACentralIOL
Pocono Mountain Lake ForestIOLIOL
Pocono Mountain Water ForestIOLIOL
Pocono Mountain Woodlands LakesIOLIOL
Pocono Mountian Lake Estates, Sec 5 – 7IOLIOL
Pocono RanchlandIOLIOL
Preston Flury DevelopmentIOLIOL
R Perry DevelopmentIOLIOL
Rhoades DevelopmentIOLIOL
Rinehimer DevelopmentCommunityIOL
River’s Edge  
Riverside EstatesIOLIOL
Riverview AcresIOLIOL
Robert Wilson DevelopmentCommunityIOL
Rocky AcresIOLIOL
Roland AcresIOLIOL
Rose DevelopmentIOLIOL
Rustic AcresCentralIOL
Sagamore EstatesCentralCommunity
Sand Spring AcresCommunityCommunity
Saw Creek EstatesCentralCentral
Sawkill CrossingIOLIOL
Sawkill RunIOLIOL
School House RidgeIOLIOL
Shepherds DevelopmentIOLIOL
Shohola AcresIOLIOL
Shohola HeightsIOLIOL
Shohola Lake FarmIOLIOL
Skytop RanchesIOLIOL
Skyview LakeCentralIOL
Spinnlers PointIOLIOL
Split RockIOLIOL
Spring Brook EstatesIOLIOL
Spurce Run CreekIOLIOL
St. Vincents PointIOLIOL
Steiner DevelopmentCommunityIOL
Stone Hedge FarmsIOLIOL
Stony Hollow VillageCentralCentral
Sugar HillIOLIOL
Sugar Hill ForestIOLIOL
Sunrise LakesIOLIOL
Sunset AcresCentralIOL
Sunset AcresCentralIOL
Sunset PointCommunityIOL
Symphony WestIOLIOL
Tafton HeightsCentralIOL
Tafton ViewCommunityIOL
Tanglwood LakesCentralIOL
Tanglwood Lakes NorthCentralIOL
The EscapeCommunityCentral
The Farm PorpertiesIOLIOL
Ting Wig Mt Lake EstatesIOLIOL
Top of the MountainIOLIOL
Traces of LattimoreIOLIOL
Trails EndCommunityCentral
Tranquility FallsCommunityIOL
Tuscorora DevelopmentIOLIOL
Twin Lake ParkIOLIOL
Twin Lake PreserveIOLIOL
Twin Lake WoodsIOLIOL
Valley ViewIOLIOL
Walker LakeIOLIOL
Welcome LakeIOLIOL
Westcolang ParkIOLIOL
Whispering PinesIOLIOL
White Birch RunIOLIOL
White Sands BeachCommunityIOL
Whitetail RidgeIOLIOL
Wild AcresCentralIOL
William Soose DevelopmentCommunityIOL
Wilson Hill DevelopmentIOLIOL
Winding BrookIOLIOL
Woodland MeadowsIOLIOL
Woodledge VillageCentralIOL
Woodlock PinesIOLIOL
Zimmerman PinesCommunityIOL